My name is Sam Fanburg and I am freelance writer living in the NJ/NYC area. I blog about music, TV, news, television or anything else that interests me. Everything is connected. My Twitter handle is at @journo_sam, Instagram is samfamburg.

5Takeaways is a collaborative project, if you ever have any ideas for lists, recaps or anything else that could be broken up into “Five Things,” please share! I would love to have you write your own post. For all submissions, email sfanburg@gmail.com.

All content is welcome to be used by others, but please give credit where credit is do. Use either my name “Sam Fanburg” in attribution or the blog name “#5Takeaways.”

Contributors: Caitlin Parker, Saverio Parisi, Christopher Hudson, Cousin Avi, London McGuire, Jean Jackson, The Infalliable Bro and Jack Fanburg.

Thanks for reading!

“Brick walls are there for a reason. They give us a chance to show us how badly we want something”- Randy Pausch


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