The Five Things You Need To Know Today (December 13)

1. Kim Jong Un’s Uncle Has Been Executed- According to North Korea, the uncle of leader Kim Jong Un has been executed, for trying to overthrow the government. North Korea has never announced the execution of such a high ranking official before.

2. Texas Teen Receives Probation For Killing Four People While Drunk Driving- A Texas teen has sentenced to probation after killing four pedestrians while drunk driving. A psychologist has diagnosed the teen with “affluenza” a disorder that prevents wealthy offspring from knowing the true consequences of their actions.

3. Phones Will Stay Silent On Planes- The Obama administration has signaled that it will keep the ban on cell phone use in place while on airplanes. The Federal Communication Commission had previously voted to overturn the 22 year old provision.

4. Instagram Introduces Private Messaging- Instagram has introduced a service that allows users to directly send photographs to each other. Similar to SnapChat, the photographs last until the user deletes them.

5. Beyonce Releases Album- Beyonce has released a new, self-titled, surprise album in the middle of the night. The album has 17 songs and features, Jay Z, Drake and Frank Ocean.

Song of the Day: Beyonce- Upgrade U (Feat. Jay Z)

Happy Birthday: Jamie Foxx, turns 46 today!

RIP: Lamar Hunt, died 7 years ago today.


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