The Five Things You Need To Know Today (December 12)

1. House Looking At 2-Year Budget Deal- Today the House of Representatives will examine a bill that will ensure two years of budget stability, preventing the reappearance of a government shutdown. Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and Senator Patty Murray of Washington introduced the bill.

2. Mandela Interpreter Claims Schizophrenic Episode- The deaf interpreter who handled the interpreting duties at Nelson Mandela’s funeral claims he was hallucinating after people have proved he was faking the whole time. The interpreter was paid $85 for his job.

3. Stanley Fischer Tapped To Be Fed Vice Chairman- Stanley Fischer, a former Bank of Israel governor has been tapped to be the next Fed vice president. Fischer will need to be confirmed by both the Congress and Senate.

4. Led Zeppelin Available On Spotify- The legendary four-piece’s catalog is finally available on the online streaming music service Spotify. The entire album catalog is being rolled out slowly this week.

5. Weinsteins Sue Warner- The Weinsteins have sued Warner Bros. over it’s decision to split The Hobbit into three films. With the splitting up, the Weinsteins do not receive money for the second and third movies.

Song of the Day: The Band- Don’t Do It

Happy Birthday: Mike Golic, turns 51 today!

RIP: Ike Turner, died 6 years ago today.


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