The Five Things You Need To Know Today (December 9)

1. Ice Storm Hits East Coast- A massive snowstorm hit the east coast yesterday and continues today, well below normal freezing temperatures. More than 2,500 flights were canceled yesterday and 1,000 have been canceled for so far today.

2. Obama To Pay Tribute To Mandela- President Barack Obama will pay tribute fallen South African leader Nelson Mandela this week by attending a national memorial service Tuesday. Tuesday’s memorial service will serve as a memorial of sorts for all four living United States’ presidents.

3. Aron Ralston Arrested- Aron Ralston, the man who cut off his own hand, while stuck in a boulder, inspiring the film 127 Hours, was arrested on domestic violence charges. Ralston has also been charged with assault and doing “wrongs” to minors.

4. Facebook Adding Sympathize Button- Coupled with the “Like,” Facebook is considering adding a “sympathize” button to their social media interface. Facebook users have for years demanded a better way to respond to people sharing deaths in the family or other unfortunate events like that.

5. Kobe Bryant Returns- In his first action since last season, Kobe Bryant returned to the hardwood for the Los Angeles Lakers last night, scoring nine points in  106-94 loss to the Toronto Raptors.

Song of the Day: Justin Bieber- Confident (feat. Chance the Rapper)

Happy Birthday: Tre Cool, turns 41 today!

RIP: Mary Leakey, died 7 years ago today.


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