The Five Things You Need To Know Today (December 5)

1. NSA Collects 5 Million Cell Phones Records A Day- According to the Washington Post, the NSA collects five million cell phone records a day. The NSA inadvertently collects US locations records by tapping into worldwide mobile network cables.

2. 30 People Dead After Yemen Bombing- A suicide bomber drove a car to the gates of the Yemen Defense Ministry and killed 18 soldiers, wounding at least 40 people. In the ensuing gunfight, 12 gunmen were killed.

3. China Bars Bitcoin Transactions- China has barred banks from doing bitcoin transactions, a new popular web currency. Bitcoins have seen their value rise significantly, some 800 percent in recent weeks.

4. Social Media Passwords Stolen- Some two million passwords were stolen from the users of Twitter, Facebook and Gmail. The breach was the result of keylogging software installed on untold computers around the world.

5. ESPN Cancels Ron Burgundy- Will Ferrell, dressed as Ron Burgundy, was supposed to host ESPN’s Sportscenter this afternoon, but as the Jamesis Winston case is supposed to be decided today, the appearance has been canceled.

Song of the Day: The Band- Chest Fever

Happy Birthday: Frankie Muniz, turns 28 today!

RIP: Dave Brubeck, died 1 year ago today.


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