The Five Things You Need To Know Today (December 2)

1. New York Rail Derailment Hinders Morning Commute- A NYC bound train derailed early Sunday morning causing the death of four people and injuring more than 60 people. Of the eight cars, seven were off the tracks.

2. Ukraine Protesters Block Government Buildings- Thousands of Ukrainian protesters blocked government buildings this morning as they tried to oust the prime minister and cabinet. The protesters are upset about the government rejecting a deal to be part of the European Union.

3. Amazon Testing Drones- Amazon, the mega online retailer, is testing having drones deliver products. The drones called “Octocopters” could deliver packages weighing 2.3 kgs within 30 minutes.

4. Thanksgiving Shopping Down- Thanksgiving shopping was down this year as in estimated $12.3 billion was brought in through sales. Thanksgiving Day traffic online grew 27 percent as one-third of shoppers headed shopping this weekend.

5. RIP Paul Walker- Paul Walkers, famed for his work in the Fast and Furious series died this weekend in a car accident. Walker was 40 years old.

Song of the Day: The Hood Internet- I’m A Flirt (Shoreline) (R.Kelly x Broken Social Scene)

Happy Birthday: Aaron Rodgers, turns 30 today!

RIP: Lee Dorsey, died 27 years ago today.


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