The Five Things You Need To Know Today (November 25)

1. Iran Makes Nuclear Deal- This weekend Iran reached a nuclear deal with France, the UK, Germany, the United States, Russia and China. Terms of the deal include Iran giving UN inspectors access to their nuclear sites. The inspection will start in six months.

2. Syria Will Begin Peace Talks- Embattled in a civil war, Syria will begin peace talks with the UN on January 22. The talks will include both the government and their opposition.

3. Apple Buys PrimeSense- Apple has reportedly purchased the Israeli technology PrimeSense, responsible for creating “Kinect.” The purchase was made for between $300-360 million.

4. Monty Python Adds Dates- Famed British comedy troupe Monty Python will perform live once more. Four more dates have been added to their run at London’s O2 arena after tickets sold out in less than a minute.

5. Yankees Sign Brian McCann- The New York Yankees have signed former Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann for a five year deal. The deal is worth $85 million.

Song of the Day- Little Feat- Hate To Lose Your Lovin’

Happy Birthday: Erick Sermon, turns 45 today.

RIP: Upton Sinclair, died 45 years ago today.


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