The Five Most Absurd Song Names From R. Kelly’s “Black Panties”

Now I know I wrote about R. Kelly most ridiculous moments a couple of weeks ago, which we now could make an addendum to, but the Black Panties track list just came out, which gives us a great opportunity to a) showcase more R. Kelly moments and b) check out some more fun R. Kelly pictures.

Without further ado.

1. “Throw This Money On You”

2. “Marry The Pussy”

3. “Tear It Up (feat. Future)”

4. “Show Ya Pussy (feat. Migos and Juicy J)

5. “Every Position”

Here’s the full tracklist to R. Kelly’s Black Panties

1 Legs Shakin’ (feat. Ludacris)
2 Cookie
3 Throw This Money on You
4 Prelude
5 Marry the Pussy
6 You Deserve Better
7 Genius
8 All the Way (feat. Kelly Rowland)
9 My Story (feat. 2 Chainz)
10 Right Back
11 Spend That (feat. Jeezy)
12 Crazy Sex
13 Shut Up
14 Tear It Up (feat. Future) (deluxe edition)
15 Show Ya Pussy (feat. Migos and Juicy J) (deluxe edition)
16 Physical (deluxe edition)
17 Every Position (deluxe edition)

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