The Five Things You Need To Know Today (November 15)

1. Fewer Than 30,000 People Have Signed Up For Obamacare- Contrary to reports, the Obama administration reported yesterday that fewer than 30,000 people have signed for private health care via the website. The Obama administration estimated at least 500,000 people would sign up during the first month.

2. China To Ease Controversial Policies- China has announced that it will soon ease its one-child policy and abolish their labor camps. According to the latest figures by the Ministry of Justice, 160,000 people were held in 350 re-education through labor camps nationwide.

3. Google Books Can Digitally Copy Books- A judge has ruled that Google Book is allowed to digitally copy books without an author’s permission. Litigation began in 2005 when the Authors Guild sued Google for $3 billion and demanded $750 for each author.

4. John Oliver Leaves The Daily Show- TV funnyman John Oliver has left The Daily Show and will present a Sunday night news show on HBO starting in 2014.

5. Andrew McCutchen, Miguel Cabrera Win MVPs- Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen and Detroit Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera won Major League Baseball’s “Most Valuable Player” awards yesterday.

Song of the Day: Journey- Anyway You Want It

Happy Birthday: B.o.B., turns 25 today!

RIP: John Grimaldi, died 30 years ago today.


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