The Five Things You Need To Know Today (November 14)

1. Administration Says 106,000 People Enrolled In Health Care- As opposed to other reports, the Obama administration says that 106,000 people have enrolled in Obamacare this month. Fewer than 27,000 enrollments occurred in the 36 states that rely on

2. Secret Service Agents Dismissed From Obama’s Detail- Two secret service agents have been dismissed from President Obama’s security detail after allegations of misconduct. The latest allegations say that an agent tried to force his way into a woman’s hotel room at the Hay-Adams Hotel. 

3, Mayor Rob Ford Bought Drugs- Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted to buying drugs yesterday at a meeting where city Councillors asked him to take a leave of absence. 

4. Don Cheadle To Play Miles Davis- Don Cheadle will play jazz legend Miles Davis in a new biopic that his set to detail the musicians live throughout the 70s. Cheadle will also direct the film, with Ewan McGregor playing a RollingStone reporter and Zoe Saldana playing Davis’ wife. 

5. Pink Diamond Sells For $83 Million- A pink diamond has sold for a record $83 million at a Sotheby’s auction. 

Song of the Day: Jurassic 5- After School Special

Happy Birthday: Travis Barker, turns 38 today!

RIP: Booker T. Washington, died 98 years ago today. 


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