The Five Things You Need To Know Today (November 7)

1. Twitter To Start Trading Today- Twitter will start being traded publicly today. The social media, micro-blogging service will start trading at $26 a share. Twitter will try to raise $2.1 billion from the IPO. It will trade under the “TWTR” symbol.

2. Inspectors Verify Chemical Site In Syria- International inspectors have verified 22 out of 23 sites the Syrian government as announced as “chemical weapon” sites. The site was previously believed to be dangerous to visit as it was amid the civil war territory.

3. Facebook Debuts Like, Share Buttons-  Facebook has debuted “like” and “share” buttons for websites. Instead of users seeing the Facebook “thumbs up” sign, their will be a lower case “f” people will see.

4. Lady Gaga Will Perform In Space- In 2015, Lady Gaga will travel to space and will perform on the Virgin Galactic ship. Gaga will only perform one song in space.

5. Blockbuster To Close Remaining Stores- Blockbuster will close their remaining 300 stores by early 2014. In 2010, Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy.

Song of the Day: Boogie Down Productions- My Philosophy

Happy Birthday: Morgan Spurlock, turns 43 today!

RIP: Joe Frazier, died 2 years ago today.


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