The Five Things You Need To Know Today (October 28)

1. Car Crash At Beijing’s Forbidden City- A car crash in Beijing, China’s forbidden city killed three people while injuring 11 tourists and security officers.- A sports utility vehicle plowed through the gates for Forbidden City where it burst into flames after crashing into a large guard rail. Police have not released any information yet on who was in the car.

2. Britain Facing Powerful Winds- Southern Britain is facing powerful winds this morning that have created hurricane like conditions. The Met Office has reported that the winds have increased to 99 mph and the environmental agency has issued flood alerts. 220,000 homes do not have power.

3. AMC To Buy Chellomedia- The TV network AMC has plans to buy Chellomedia, the international division of John Malone’s Liberty Global for a little over a billion dollars. The deal would allow AMC to distribute it’s channel 390 million households in 138 countries.

4. Fleetwood Mac Cancels Tour- The rock and roll outfit, Fleetwood Mac has been forced to cancel their tour after bassist John McVie receives cancer treatment. Fleetwood Mac had tour a planned throughout Australia and New Zealand.

5. RIP Lou Reed- Lou Reed, leader of the legendary rock group The Velvet Underground  died yesterday at the age of 71. There is no official announcement of how he died, but he did go through a liver transplant earlier this year.

Song of the Day: The Velvet Underground- Heroin

Happy Birthday: Frank Ocean, turns 26 today!

RIP: Abigail Adams, died 195 years ago today.


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