The Five Things You Need To Know Today (October 24)

1. US Ambassador Summoned In Germany- Germany sent out a summons for an US ambassador following the allegations that the United States tapped the phone of chancellor Angela Merkel. US officials said that Merkel’s was phone was not currently tapped, but would not comment whether it had been tapped in the past.

2. Vatican Suspends Bishop- The Vatican has suspended the “bishop of bling,” Terbaltz-van Elst. Van Elst has a propensity for spending way beyond his means like spending $42 million on his official residence.

3. Starbucks Getting Into The Tea Business- Starbucks did wonders for coffee and now their trying to the same thing for tea. Starbucks opened up their first ever “tea bar” yesterday called Teavana. The tea market is currently estimated to be at $90 billion.

4. Michael Jackson Highest Earning Dead Celebrity- According to a new Forbes list, Michael Jackson is the highest earning dead celebrity with an estimated $160 million in the past 12 months. Elvis Presley comes in at second place with $55 million.

5. Red Sox Take Game One- The Boston Red Sox won game one in the MLB World Series last night 9-1.

Song of the Day: Jay Z- The Ruler’s Back

Happy Birthday: Jeff Mangum, turns 43 today!

RIP: Rosa Parks, died 8 years ago today.



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