The Five Things You Need To Know Today (October 23)

1. Parents Of Nevada Gunman May Face Charges- The parents of a 12 year old student who brought a gun into school killing a teacher and wounding two students may face charges themselves. The gunman brought the nine millimeter gun to school from his home.

2. Obama Official Jofi Joseph Fired- Obama senior White House official Jofi Joseph has been fired over some insulting tweets that were sent under the Twitter handle “@NatSecWonk.” The Twitter account read as a searing commentary on what his fellow colleagues were trying to accomplish.

3. Apple Announces New iPad- Apple has announced an iPad Air to add to its product line yesterday. The new iPad is smaller, has a higher resolution and comes with a new operating system called Maverick.

4. Monuments Men Moved To 2014- A new George Clooney movie called Monuments Men has been pushed to a 2014 release. The film deals with an American unit in charge of securing of highly priced art pieces trying to be stolen by the Nazis. The film will not be eligible for an Academy Award.

5. Spain Ends Two Year Recession- Spain has ended their two year recession as their GDP expanded .1 percent from the second quarter. A year ago, the GDP dropped 1.2 percent.

Song of the Day: M.I.A.- Y.A.L.A.

Happy Birthday: Augusten Burroughs, turns 48 today!

RIP: Jessica Savitch, died 30 years ago today.


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