The Five Things You Need To Know Today (October 18)

1. Obama To Nominate Jeh C. Johnson For Homeland Secretary– President Barack Obama is set to nominate Jeh C. Johnson as the next secretary of Homeland Security. Before, Johnson at the Defense Department as general counsel during Obama’s first term. Johnson will replace Janet Napolitano.

2. Saudi Arabia Turns Down Security Counsel Set- Saudi Arabia has turned down a non-permanent UN security counsel seat. The Saudi foreign ministry said that the UN needs to be reformed first, citing a “double standard.”

3. Windows 8.1 Released- A new update to Windows called “Windows 8.1” has been released today. The update seeks to solve of users’ problems. The update restores the original “Start” button and allows a computer to boot up in the traditional interface.

4. Glee To End Next Season- The hit television series Glee will end next season says the show’s creator Ryan Murphy. Murphy said that he intended the show to end with a resolution to Finn/Rachel’s relationship, but with the untimely death of Cory Monteith, the show will end in 2015.

5. EBay Hires RJ Pittman- EBay has hired Apple ex-commerce executive RJ Pittman. Pittman will run a new product group for the company’s online Marketplaces business and seek to expand the company globally.

Song of the Day: Atoms For Peace- Before Your Very Eyes

Happy Birthday: Wynton Marsalis, turns 52 today!

RIP: Thomas Edison, died 82 years ago today.


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