The Five Things You Need To Know Today (September 30)

1. Government Close To Shut Down- The United States government may shut down sometime within the next two days as the Republican majority House of Representatives by passing a measure that ties government funding to a year delay of Obamacare. Democratic representatives have vowed to stop the measure.

2. Santa Monica Plane Hits Airport– A small business jet hit a Santa Monica airport on Sunday, with no survivors of the crash. The plane was coming from Hailey, Idaho and officials don’t know how many people were on the place and how the accident occurred.

3. IKEA Starts Selling Solar Panels- Swedish housewares company Ikea will begin selling solar panels to consumers. A standard all-black 3.36 kilowatt system will cost $9,200 that includes installation, maintenance and energy monitoring service.

4. Lane Kiffin Fired At USC- Lane Kiffin was fired as football coach at the University of Southern California Sunday morning. The Trojans are currently 3-2 and 0-2 within their own conference.

5. Dates Set For Sainthood- The dates for sainting Pope John Paul II and Pope John XIII are set for April 27 2014. The double canonization will be the first in church history.

Song of the Day: Jerry Reed- When You’re Hot, You’re Hot

Happy Birthday: Trey Anastasio, turns 49 today!

RIP: Rob Kardashian, died 10 years ago today.


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