The Five Things You Need To Know Today (September 27)

1. Syrian Weapon Inspections Could Start Tuesday- Pending a resolution passed by the 41-member Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), inspections of the Syrian nuclear arsenal could begin Tuesday. The OPCW will inspect and destroy sarin, mustard and other gases.

2. Mount Vernon Opens Library Dedicated To Washington- Following a $100 million fundraising campaign, a library is opening up in Mt. Vernon, Washington to honor the first president, George Washington. The library is 45,000 feet and has no actual government funding.

3. JC Penney To Sell Stock- JC Penney says that they will sell 84 million shares of stock in a secondary offering. Shares fell 5 percent following the news. The retailer will use for the proceed for general corporate purposes.

4. Google Introduces Hummingbird- On the company’s fifteen birthday, Google announced they made several changes to their search algorithm that effect 90 % of searches. The basic concept is changing search to understand the meanings of and relationships among things rather than keywords.

5. EA Drops College Football Video Game- Electronic Arts will not release a college football game in 2014. The video game company will instead focus on lawsuits stemming from the NCAA.

Song of the Day: CHVRCHES- It’s Not Right But It’s Ok (Whitney Houston cover)

Happy Birthday: Lil Wayne, turns 31 today!

RIP: William Safire, died 4 years ago today!


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