The Five Things You Need To Know Today (September 26)

1. Russia Jails Three Members Of Greenpeace- A Russian court jailed a photographer and two Greenpeace activists for their part in a 30 person Greenpeace team protesting near an oil platform in the Arctic circle last week. The court denied the three of them bail and sanctioned a two month jail term. No charges have been officially brought against them.-

2. George H.W. Bush Serves As Witness At Same-Sex Wedding- Former President George H.W. Bush served as the official witness at a same-sex marriage ceremony in Maine last weekend. The wedded couple were long time family friends of the Bush family.

3. Twitter Launches “Twitter Alerts”- Twitter will be soon releasing a system called “Twitter Alerts” that will give public institutions and government agencies to send “push” notifications to followers in case of an emergency situation. More than 70 agencies have signed up for the service so far.

4. Vince Gilligan Lands Next Show- Vince Gilligan, creator of Breaking Bad, might be ending his run on AMC soon, but he has locked up his next project “Battle Creek” which will be aired on CBS. Gilligan wrote the pilot, about a police drama, 11 years ago.

5. Paul Oliver Commits Suicide- Former San Diego Charger Paul Oliver committed suicide from a self-inflicted gun shot wound Tuesday. Oliver played 57 games for the Chargers logging four interceptions and 144 tackles.

Song of the Day: Schoolboy Q- Banger (Moshpit)

Happy Birthday: Bryan Ferry, turns 68 today!

RIP: Paul Newman, died 5 years ago today.


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