The Five Things You Need To Know Today (September 25)

1. Senator Cruz Talking All Night- While we were sleeping, Republican Ted Cruz of Texas took the Senate floor in an attempt to delay funding for Obamacare. Cruz took the podium at 2:40 PM ET on Tuesday and is currently in his 16th hour of talking. He even has recited some stories by Dr. Seuss.

2. China To Execute Toddler Killer- China has sentenced Han Lei, 39 to death yesterday after he pulled a toddler out of their car and threw them to the ground, after their mother wouldn’t move her car to allow him to park. He said the killing was unintentional as he was drunk and thought the car was a parking trolley.

3. MacArthur Recipients Named- The MacArthur “genius” awards were named yesterday, giving influential, smart individuals a $625,000 stipend over the next five years to pursue their goals. The winners include 13 men and 11 women. Notable winners are dancer Kyle Abraham, writer Karen Russell and photographer Carrie Mae Weems.

4. Kindle HDX Tablets To Get Round The Clock Help- The new Kindle HDX tablets will feature a tool allowing users to call for round the clock help whenever they seem fit. The new “mayday” feature will have troubleshooters guide users through issues and the employees can even take control of the machine.

5. More Casualties In Pakistani Earthquake- The death toll has risen in an earthquake that hit an underpopulated in Pakistan. As of September 25 at 7:15 am, more than 230 people have been reportedly killed from the earthquake.

Song of the Day: CHVRCHES- Gun

Happy Birthday: Santigold, turns 37 today!

RIP: Billy Barnes, died 1 year ago.


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