Five Great Uses Of Music On Mad Men

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A couple of days ago news came out that like Breaking Bad, Mad Men would be split into two seasons final seasons. Besides being pissed about the fact I would need to wait until 2015 to see one the great series of this “golden age of television” come to an end, it made me concerned about AMC’s original series pipeline.

I think it’s clear now that AMC does not have much confidence in many of their series under development and believe they need Mad Men to help launch these new series.

That being said, let’s turn to happier things. One benefit to Mad Men being set in the 60s is that they have a huge catalog of music to choose from.

Let’s take a look back at some of the memorable moments in Mad Men music history.

1. The Nashville Teens- Tobacco Road

Used in the episode where Don is asked to do an article for Wall Street Journal, the beginning lines sum of his life so well, “I was born, in a barn, mamma died and my momma got drunk”

2. The Beatles- Tomorrow Never Knows

Mad Men paid about $250,000 to use this ultra-remastered version of “Tomorrow Never Knows.” Besides the wow factor, it’s interesting that Don put this song on first considering it’s the last song on Revolver. It’s also great to see Peggy smoking out.

3. Meghan Draper- Zou Zou Bisou

The mere awkwardness this scene creates is excellent.

4. Blue Sandlewood Soap- Friends I Haven’t Met Yet

There is so much good music in the 60s was their was just so much either underrated music or music that we now just don’t know about. How many artists do you think were relevant in the 60s are still relevant now? Maybe 5?

5. The Beach Boys- I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times

Fast forward a minute and fifty five seconds, this haunting Beach Boys track communicates that maybe Roger (and most of the others at SCDP) are losing traction on knowing their world.


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