The Five Things You Need To Know Today (September 17)

1. Tragedy At Washington Naval Yard- Yesterday morning a lone gunman by the name of Aaron Alexis, a former Navy reservist, went on a shooting spree that killed 12 people at the Washington Naval Yard. Alexis was killed in a firefight with police.

2. Iran Exchanges Letter With Obama- Iran has confirmed that President Hassan Rouhani has exchanged letter with President Obama. The letters are an attempt to have some contact in addition to trying to get information about their nuclear weapons program. 

3. Microsoft Launches $40 Billion Repurchase Program- Microsoft shares jumped nearly 2 percent after the software giant announced a $40 billion repurchase program. Microsoft is quarterly divided will be boosted 28 cents per share. 

4. Leonard DiCaprio To Play Woodrow Wilson- Leonard DiCaprio has been tapped to play President Woodrow Wilson in a new biopic that details the President’s two terms in office. DiCaprio will also produce the film. 

5. Zach Johnson Wins BMW Championship- Zach Johnson has won the final PGA event of the season, the BMW Championship. Johnson beat out Jim Furyk and Nick Watney. 

Song of the Day: Katy Perry- Dark Horses (feat. Juicy J)

Happy Birthday: Phil Jackson, turns 68 today.

RIP: Spiro Agnew, died 7 years ago today. 


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