The Five Things You Need To Know Today (September 16)

1. Shooting At Washington Naval Yard- There was a shooting in the southeast area of the Washington Naval Yards this morning. At 9:20 am an officer was reported down and at least other people were shot as well. Authorities are still trying to apprehend the shooter.

2. Lawrence Summers Removes Name From Consideration- Lawrence Summer has removed his name from consideration to head the Fed. Summers faced opposition from even some Democrats who saw him as having a bad attitude, overbearing attitude and insensitivity towards women.

3. Italy Will Attempt To Raise Costa Concordia Cruise Ship- Italy is attempting to raise the capsized cruise ship Costa Concordia. The cruise ship sank in 2012. The goal is to raise it by it’s side by 65 degrees.

4. Miss America 2014 Named- Miss New York has won the Miss America 2014 pageant. The show returned to Atlantic City for the first time in six years as Nina Davuluri of Syracuse, NY took home the crown. She is the first Miss America of Indian descent.

5. Elizabeth Hasselbeck Joins ‘Fox and Friends’- Elizabeth Hasselbeck, has officially joined the Fox News television show “Fox and Friends.” Previously Hasselback was part of the roundtable on ABC’s The View. 

Song of the Day: Drake- Too Much

Happy Birthday: Amy Poehler, turns 42 today!

RIP: Marc Bolan, died 36 years ago today.


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