The Five Things You Need To Know Today (September 13)

1. Fire Ravages Seaside Heights Boardwalk- Just as the Jersey Shore was putting itself back together following Superstorm Sandy, a fire destroyed a large portion of the boardwalk by Seaside Park. The fire began at an ice cream store, but 30 mph winds spread the blaze. No one died in result of the fire.

2. Delhi “Rapists” Sentenced To Death- Four men were sentenced to death yesterday for raping and murdering a woman in New Delhi, India yesterday. In India rape is reported on average 21 minutes. The trial grew in importance from public fervor as the trial highlighted what women in India go through on a daily basis.

3. Microsoft Wants Your iPad- In an interesting business decision, Microsoft is offering customers a $200 gift card if they trade in their iPad. The move is to encourage people to purchase their Microsoft Surface tablet.

4. Twitter Files For IPO- Following in the footsteps of Facebook, Twitter is “secretly” filing for an IPO. Twitter has filed an S-1 to the SEC and secondary sales of Twitter stock are valued at $10 billion.

5. JK Rowling Writing New Harry Potter Movie- Harry Potter author JK Rowling is in the process of writing a new Harry Potter inspired movie. The movie will be based on the book Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and will take place in New York City during the 1920s.

Song of the Day: Drake- Wu Tang Forever

Happy Birthday: Fiona Apple, turns 36 today!

RIP: DJ Mehdi, died 2 years ago today.


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