Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

1. Go See Some Underwear- In the “strange exhibits in museum” department, the Merchant’s House Museum has an exhibit called, “Take A Peek: 19th Century Undergarments From The Collections.” The exhibit is, as it sounds, a collection of underwear from the 19th century. Neato!

2. Eat Food, Drink Booze- The weather is going to be really nice this weekend, so why not spend the weekend outside at “Taste Talks: Brooklyn Food and Drink Conference.” Mario Batoli will be involved. Wiley Dufresne will be involved. And of course Questlove.

3. Go See Billy Crystal- He’s a comedy legend. He’ll be at the 92nd Street Y. It will be great.

4. Drink Booze, Read Books- You might have hear of a Bar Crawl, but how about a Lit Crawl? At this 29 station event, New Yorkers go from book store to book store while drinking. Sounds amazing. And NPR is involved.

5. Celebrate Yom Kippur- Hope everyone celebrate has an easy fast.


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