The Five Things You Need To Know Today (September 11)

  1. Obama Speaks To The Nation– In an address to the public last night, President Obama said he would seek diplomatic solutions one last time before approaching the conflict in Syria in a militaristic way. Obama hesitantly embraced the Russian approach that Syria would give up it’s chemical weapon arsenal.
  2.  Apple Unveils Two New iPhones– Yesterday Apple announced two new iPhones, the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S. Designed for younger people the iPhone 5C will come in multiple colors and be made of plastic. The iPhone 5S is a basic upgrade from the iPhone. It will come equip with fingerprint technology, a better camera and faster software
  3. Benghazi Explosion After 1 Year Anniversary– One year after the assault on the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya, a bomb exploded outside the Foreign Ministry. The explosion caused no casualties, but did destroy a large portion of the bulding’s façade.
  4. Jurassic World Gets Release Date– The fourth movie of the Jurassic Park franchise was announced this morning and will be titled Jurassic World. It is set for a summer 2014 release and will be in 3D.
  5. US Reaches World Cup– The US soccer team qualified for the World Cup last night by defeating Mexico 2-0. The 2014 World Cup will be held in Brazil next summer.

Song of the Day: DJ Drama- My Moment (feat. 2 Chainz, Meek Millz, Jeremih)

Happy Birthday: Brad Bird, turns 56 today!

RIP: Johnny Unitas, died 11 years ago today.


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