Five Amazing Jimmy Fallon Music Moments

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Jimmy Fallon just gets it. For my money I think Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel are the best late night hosts in the biz. One of the best parts about Jimmy Fallon’s show is his use of music. Sure he has the The legendary Roots crew helping him out, but I would bet a lot of the ideas come from him (and his writing staff).

I think one of the reasons why Jimmy Fallon is so good at incorporating music into his show is because of his work on SNL. Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O’Brien and even Jimmy Kimmel were never part of a variety show that required more than just telling jokes. For the purpose of this list I will only be including musical moments that were skits, meaning no music performances.

1. Jimmy Fallon and Ariana Grande

Wig is just amazing and Grande’s voice isn’t half bad.

2. Blurred Lines With Classroom Instruments

Wouldn’t mind seeing more skits like this.

3. “Neil Young” and Bruce Springsteen- Whip My Hair

Dead on Neil Young impression. Can’t believe they got Springsteen to do this.

4. Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon- Barbershop Quarter

I think Jimmy Fallon and J.T. could have their own show together.

5. Jesse and The Rippers

OK, Jimmy Fallon wasn’t involved in this, but this was just can’t miss TV.


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