The Five Things You Need To Know Today (September 9)

1. New Van Gogh Painting Found- A new Vincent Van Gogh painting has been found in a Norwegian attic. The painting was believed to be the work of another painter. It’s been the first full-canvas painting discovered of the Dutch artist since 1928.

2. Fan Falls To Death At Packers- 49ers Game- A football fan fell to his death at the Green Bay Packers-San Francisco 49ers fame yesterday. The fan fell from an elevated platform and other fans noticed he was intoxicated.

3. Instagram Tops 150 Million Users- Instagram, the social media photo sharing app has reached 150 million users. 50 million of those users have joined within the last six months. Ads are set to start coming out after it’s acquisition from Facebook is finalized.

4. Bruno Mars Set For Super Bowl- In the official start of the NFL season kicked off yesterday, but the Super Bowl entertainment has also been announced. Bruno Mars WILL be performing.

5. Microsoft Expands Xbox Music- Microsoft will be expanding their Xbox Music service to both the Web and mobile devices. Today, they will begin freely stream over 30 million songs.

Song of the Day: Franz Ferdinand- Evil Eye

Happy Birthday: Adam Sandler, turns 47 today!

RIP: William Paterson, died 207 years ago today.



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