Five EDM Artists You Should Give A Chance

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After the disastrous 2013 Electric Zoo Festival, EDM (electronic dance music) has been going through a somewhat high intensity inspection from the mainstream media. It seems that everyone wants to put in their two cents about a genre of music that they recognize as young girls wearing scantily clad clothing, wearing ironic superhero t-shirts while sucking on pacifiers. Meanwhile, the men, or (frat-bros) wear different colored Ray-Bans, wear matching colored head bands, and attest to the “naturalistic” quality of the music.

I’m not here to 100% defend the artists in the genre. Like every type of music, their are talented artists and untalented artists. I’m here today to try and show you five artists that you give a chance. These are supremely talented artists that upon hearing their music you might not even agree they are EDM. But they are important.

Note: This list does not include that TERRIBLE artist Zedd.

Check out these artists below, you won’t be disappointed.

1. Disclosure

Not only are these two Brits brothers (aged 22 and 18), they actually play their own instruments.

2. Jamie XX

Jamie XX’s day job might involve being the group The XX, but the real magic is what he’s able to accomplish at night.

3. Jessie Ware

Just an amazing singer.

4. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs


5. Daft Punk

Well duh.


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