Five Other Lil Wayne Mixtape Tracks You Should Hear Right Now

Note: This was originally published on the music blog MySocialList.


Even though the mood in New York City was somewhat soured by the cancellation of Electric Zoo on Sunday, there was a silver lining as Lil’ Wayne unleashed his newest mixtape Dedication 5.

I wasn’t always a Lil Wayne, but his style of releasing of music almost daily five years ago made me very interested in his persona. Releasing music daily set the bar high for rappers and Weezy set a precedent that unless your releasing music, you aren’t really relevant. I also believe that without Lil Wayne we wouldn’t have hip-hop blogs like 2dopeboyz or NahRight reporting about hip-hop releases everyday.

On his newest effort, Lil Wayne links up with T.I., Chance the Rapper, 2Chainz, Boo, Future and even Birdman. The mixtape is a nice addition to his “Dedication” series but it is not his best. I actually think a lot of Lil Wayne’s mixtapes are better than his albums.

Here are five “other” Lil Wayne mixtape tracks you should hear right now.

1. Lil Wayne- La La La

This easily could have been a single.

2. Lil Wayne- Wasted

No Ceilings is my favorite Wheezy mixtape album.

3. Lil Wayne- I’m Me

OK, this may not be on a mixtape, but I bet if you were to poll 100 people, 99 people would say that The Leak is a mixtape.

4. Lil Wayne- We Be Steady Mobbin (feat. Gucci Mane)

Allow Wheezy to take you on a tour of his house. I COULD SHIT ALL DAY.

5. Lil Wayne- Hands Up (My Last)

Wheezy apologized to us for the wait, but it’s OK.


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