The Five Things You Need To Know Today (August 29)

1. Ft. Hood Gunman Sentenced To Death- Former Army Maj. Nidal Hasan was sentenced to death yesterday for his shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas in 2009. Hasan killed 13 people and was sentenced by 13 retired military officers.

2. Kim Jong Un’s Ex-Girlfriend Executed- There are reports coming out of North Korea that say Kim Jong Un’s ex-girlfriend was executed by a firing squad last week. Hyon Song Wol, was accused of making sex tapes and selling them to the public. They were also accused of carrying a few Bibles.

3. Verizon In Talks To Buy Vodofone’s Wireless Stake- Verizon is making an attempt toward grabbing full control over Vodofone’s wireless segment.  The price tag may top $130 billion. Vodofone confirmed Tuesday that it was talking to Verizon about selling 45 percent of it’s wireless stake.

4. Skype Eyes 3D Technology- Skype, the free online video/phone service is working on three dimensional calling. In order for the technology to work, multiple cameras would have to be added to the computer system.

5. Justin Timberlake Surprise Hoboken- Justin Timberlake surprised 150 lucky fans in Hoboken, NJ last night as he performed “Take Back The Night” at Maxwell’s as part of a new Target commercial.

Song of the Day: UGK- International Players Anthem (feat. Outkast)

Happy Birthday: Lea Michele, turns 27 today!

RIP: Ingrid Berman, died 31 years ago today.


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