Five Music Videos Snubbed At The VMAs

Note: This originally appeared on the website MySocialList. I write a column for them every Monday. 

Well it’s over Brooklyn. At least for another 365 days. There is still no word yet on whether the VMAs will call Brooklyn “home” next year, but they certainly left their mark on the borough. Pharrell rode his bike ONTO THE RED CARPET, Miley did some crazy shit, there was an 118 second NSYNC reunion and a bunch of other no-talent ass clowns won some awards (besides Justin Timberlake).

I personally think that the VMAs should be renamed the “MTV Music Awards” but that’s an argument for a different day. In a world where  such creative music videos are being made. it’s a shame that artists like Austin Mahone win awards, even though the awards really don’t mean anything.

The five music videos below are some of the most creative music videos I’ve seen this year. What music videos do you think should have been nominated?

1. Major Lazer- Bubble But (feat. 2Chainz, Tyga, Bruno Mars and Mystic)

Bubble, bubble, bubble bubble butt

2. The Lonely Island- Spring Break Anthem

Next year they should do a “comedy” video category. I’m sure the brain trust at MTV could find someone to sponsor it.

3. Joey Bada$$- Unorthodox

I’m always a sucker for cartoony music videos.

4. Kanye West- BLKKK SKKKN Head

No nominations Mr. West this year.

5. Chance the Rapper- Smoke Again (feat. Ab-Soul)

Look out for this dude.


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