The Five Things You Need To Know Today (August 23)

1. Bradley Manning To Undergo Hormone Therapy- US Army Private Bradley Manning has been sentenced to 35 years in prison, but once in prison, Manning has expressed wishes to undergo hormone therapy and become a woman. He will wished to be known as “Chelsea Manning.” Manning was convicting of giving government secrets to WikiLeaks.

2. “Friday Of Martyrs” Protests Planned- The protests in Egypt won’t stop. Today Egyptians will take the streets in favor of former President Morsi in a march called “Friday of Martyrs.” The marches will leave from 28 mosques in Cairo following morning prayers. Last week more than 900 protesters were killed over a four day period.

3. Delta Air Lines Signs Windows Deal- Delta Air Lines has signed a deal with Windows so that flight attendants will use the Windows 8 phone aboard flights. Over 19,000 flight attendants will use the phone to process payments mid-flight, read coupons and make on-board procedures more efficient.

4. Ben Affleck Will Be Next Batman- Ben Affleck has been selected as the next Batman. Aflleck will play Batman opposite Henry Cavill as Superman in the tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman, due out in the summer of 2015.

5. Allen Iverson Will Officially Retire- Allen Iverson has officially retired. Iverson, 38 played his last professional basketball game in Turkey in 2011 and played his last NBA game in 2010. Iverson made one NBA Finals during his career and won on MVP award.

Song of the Day: R. Kelly- Slow Wind

Happy Birthday: Julian Casablancas, turns 35 today!

RIP: Bobby Bonds, died 10 years ago today.


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