Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

1. Go To The Movies- The summer movie has kind of been a bust, but this weekend has a TON of potential. You have the British comedy The Word’s End, indie film Drinking Buddies and the horror film You’re Next. Go check one of them out!

2. FREE MUSIC FESTIVAL- If you weren’t able to afford Governor’s Ball, Jay Z and JT or Beyonce, go check out the Afro-Punk Music Festival. Held in Brooklyn, the festival is absolutely free. This year’s lineup includes ?uestlove, Danny Brown, Theophilus London, Big Freedia AND Chuck D. For the complete lineup, click here.

3. Eat Cold Food?- It may be way too hot to eat chicken wings, chili or any other spicy dish. Why not check out Huckleberry Bar’s “Some Like It Cold.” It’s an actual cold soup competition that goes down this Saturday. Could be fun. Gazpacho? Salsas? Sign me up. For more information, click here.

4. Spell Words- If you want to prove your spelling mettle, go to Brooklyn and compete in a spelling competition where you choose between words coming from Game of Thrones or Harry Potter. Click here for more information.

5. Go Outside. 


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