The Five Things You Need To Know Today (August 16)

1. More Egyptian Protests Planned- Protesters plan to flood to streets of Egypt once again after more than 600 people were reportedly killed by the Egyptian military. The protesters are supports of ex-Egyptian president Morsi. Marches will move throughout mosques and will end at Ramses Square.

2. US Scraps Military Exercise- President Barack Obama announced yesterday he would be canceling a military exercise with Egypt amid violence. However, he will keep giving Egypt their $1.3 billion in aid they receive annually from the United States.

3. Consumer Prices Up- Consumer prices rose .2 percent in the month of July and the number of Americans filing for unemployment hit a six year low.

4. Facebook Testing PayPal Equivalent– Similar to Venmo or PaylPal, Facebook is testing it’s own online payment system. The system could be used to purchase items on an App or other products.

5. RIP Lisa Robin Kelly– Lisa Robin Kelly, known as the older sister of Topher Grace in the television show That 70’s Show was found dead yesterday at a rehab facility from unknown causes. She was 43.

Song of the Day: Migos- Versace

Happy Birthday: Madonna, turns 55 today!

RIP: Elvis Presley, died 36 years ago today.


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