The Five Things You Need To Know Today (August 15)

1. Egyptian Clashes Continue- Clashes continued through the night and through the morning as Pro-Morsi supporters took to the streets for peaceful demonstrations involving sit-ins and congregations of people involving party balloons and streamers. As of August 15, 2013 at 8:00 am, the death toll was 275 people.

2. Child Rearing Costs Rise- A middle income family will spend on average $241,080 throughout the first 18 years of their child’s life. The figure represents a 2.6 percent increase from a year ago and outpaces the broader inflation rate according to a new report.

3. New York Times Website Down- The New York Times‘ website went dark for about an hour yesterday having some fear a cyber attack. However, IT professionals agree that was something simply self-inflicted or an accident. The Wall Street Journal gave users two hours of free access while The New York TImes was offline.

4. Prince Joins Twitter- Gearing up for a “surprise” VMA performance, online weary guitar god, Prince has joined the ranks off Twitter. So far, the artist has about 89,000 followers and 187 tweets.

5. RIP Gia Allemand- Popular Bachelor contestant, Gia Allemand, passed away yesterday at the age 29. Friends and family said she wrestled with insecurity. She died of an apparent suicide.

Song of the Day: Eminem- Survival

Happy Birthday: Melinda Gates, turns 49 today!

RIP: Will Rogers, died 78 years ago today.


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