Five Throwback Diss Tracks You Should Hear Right Now

The Internet erupted in excited two days ago when Big Sean unleashed a track scheduled to be on his new album Hall of Fame, that couldn’t be cleared due to sample issues. However, Big Sean’s verse was overshadowed within seconds due to a pronouncement by Kendrick Lamar that he was the “King of NY” in the second verse. Lamar went on destroy the beat, by calling out almost every rapper, telling them, “I got love for you all but I’m trying to murder you niggas.”

People got all heated on Twitter and other social media about this claim, but I think it’s no big deal. Every rapper needs to have great hubris that enables them to talk so much about themselves. Same goes with athletes. Basketball players say they are the best player(s) in the world, but they clearly are not. But, you need this attitude to compete in the league. That being said, let’s look at back at some other great dis tracks.

1. Nas- Ether

2. BDP– The Bridge Is Over

3. LL Cool J- Jack the Ripper

4. Jay Z- The Takeover

5. 2Pac- Hit Em Up


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