The Five Things You Need To Know Today (August 12)

1. Israel Names 26 Prisoners For Release- Israeli has named 26 Palestinian to be released as part of peace talks to be resumed this week. The release comes when Palestine accused Israel of sabotaging the talks by improving 12,000 new settlement homes.

2. Holder Seeks Mandatory Minimum Overhaul- Attorney General Eric Holder will announce today that low-level, non-violent, drug offenders with no connections to drug networks will not be subject to severe mandatory sentences.

3. Details For New iPhone Emerge- A new iPhone is supposedly due out on September 10, according to reports today. The new “5S” will have a fingerprint sensor and a new “champagne” color case.

4. Elysium Wins Box Office- Elysium, the sci-fi thriller starring Matt Damon dominating the box office this weekend taking in $30.5 million. Elysium had competition from Planes and Percy Jackon: Sea of Monsters. 

5. Jason Dufner Wins PGA Championship– Jason Dufner won his first major golf tournament at Oak Hill in Rochester, NY. Dufner was 10 under for the tournament.

Song of the Day: Thomas Jack- The Final Speech (feat. Adrian Symes)

Happy Birthday: Michael Ian Black, turns 42 today.

RIP: Merv Griffin, died 6 years ago today.


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