Five Great Uses of Music on Breaking Bad

Note: This post was originally published on MySocialListI write a post for them every Monday.

If you’re like me, last night was dedicated to welcoming two very important people back into your life; Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. The combative duo returned in the final part of the Breaking Bad series last night. There are only seven episodes left (after last night), and if last night’s season is any indication of what is it to come, I think Vince Gilligan will stick the landing.

One often discussed high mark of the show is it’s ability to be extremely detailed. Nothing is included in the show that is gratuitous. Everything shares a purpose and details get called from episodes and even from seasons before. That is what we love about Breaking Bad, the show runner’s perspective to treat the audience as almost smarter than himself. There is little rehashing of what has been done prior. We are expected to know what has come before.

A detail of the show that has grown stronger over the course of the show is the use of music. I can’t really remember a lot of the music from the first couple of season, but I think the show has taken much more chances in recent years to use music while projecting great montages. Here are just some of the great songs included in the show in recent years.

Warning: There may be some spoilers of the show while watching these clips.

1. TV on the Radio- DLZ

The song perfectly captures the calm chaos of Walter White telling other potential meth dealers to stay off his territory. Also, any use of TV on the Radio makes me happy.

2. The Association- Windy

Such a happy and joyous song considering what is actually taking place.

3. Tommy James & the Shondells- Crystal Blue Persuasion

The first part of the Breaking Bad final season ends with showing how the meth production process for Walter White becomes very routine and in turn very lucrative.

4. Jim White- Wordmule

As Hank finally puts the pieces together, this song plays as he tries to get all the evidence together.

5. Vince Guaraldi- Ginza Samba

Somehow the process of making meth is made by Vince Gilligan to look so beautiful and natural.


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