The Five Things You Need To Know Today (August 7)

1. Fire Shuts Down Nairobi’s International Airport- Kenyan authorities closed down the capital’s international morning as fire broke and spread to the international arrivals area. No people have been killed or injured.

2. Cleveland Kidnapper’s House To Be Demolitions- The house where Ariel Castro held 3 women captive for than a decade will be demolished today. Some of the kidnapped women showed up to watch the house be destroyed.

3. AOL Acquiring AOL announced today that they will be purchasing the video programming for $405 million. AOL CEO Tim Armstrong said he hoped the purchase would help, “improve its (AOL) ability to integrate advertising with video content.”

4. Drone Kills Seven In Yemen- A suspected US drone has killed seven alleged al-Qaeda operatives in Southern Yemen. The attack is the fifth of its kind to occur in the last two weeks.

5. RIP George Duke- George Duke, jazz keyboardist, died yesterday at the age of 67 from chronic leukemia. Duke was known as a pioneer of fusion jazz along as a collaborator of Frank Zappa.

Song of the Day: The Beatles- Twist and Shout

Happy Birthday: Garrison Keillor, turns 71 today!

RIP: Pete Jennings, died 8 years ago today.


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