The Five Things You Need To Know Today (August 6)

1. Jeff Bezos Buys Washington Post-  Jeff Bezos, CEO of has purchased The Washington Post for $250 million. In a letter to the staff, Bezos wrote, “The values of the Post do not need changing.”

2. US Military Evacuates Yemen- The State Department ordered an evacuation of American embassy in Yemen, while warning all U.S. citizens to leave the countries as well.  In addition 19 other embassies have been warned over a growing threat from al-Qaeda.

3. Bullets Fly At Pennsylvania Town Meeting- Three people were killed and two people were injured yesterday at public meeting in Ross Township. Rockne Newell, 59 was arrested who has a connection other shootings in a mall in the same area.

4. NFL To Offer All In One App- For the upcoming season, the NFL will soon introduce an a free app that includes highlights, fantasy updates and statistic updates. For an additional $5, Verizon members can have access to live Thursday Night and Sunday Night Football.

5. Alex Rodriguez Suspended 211 Games- It’s official, Alex Rodriguez has been suspended 211 games by Major League Baseball for his participation in the PED clinic Biogenesis. Rodriguez can play while he appeal the charges.

Song of the Day: The Postal Service- The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

Happy Birthday: M. Night Shymalan, turns 43 today!

RIP: Rick James, died 9 years ago today. 



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