Five Things You Should Know About Dexter

By London McGuire

Spoilers ahead! Beware if you’re not caught up on season 8 of Dexter.

1. You better hope you don’t have Time Warner Cable.

As a result of programming disputes, cable TV provider Time Warner Cable recently dropped Showtime nationwide. If you watch Dexter, you’re probably a very dissatisfied Time Warner Cable customer right now, with Showtime being home to Dexter. There couldn’t be a worse time for Showtime to be off the air than right in the middle of the final season of Dexter! Hope you’ve got a friend who still has access to Showtime!

2. It’s based on a book.

Did you know that the idea for Dexter came from a book titled Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay? Season one of Dexter was based on this book, though the rest of the books and seasons have gone down their own Dexter paths. Like the show’s ending, is the book series coming to a close as well? Guess we’ll find out when Dexter’s Final Cut is released in September 2013.

3. It’s ending, but there’s the possibility of a spin-off series.

It’s the final season and the end is near for Dexter. But, there have been plenty of talks of a possible spin-off in the future. Do we need another Dexter? Who would star in it? Dexter, Deb, Zach Hamilton? So many questions and so few answers. We don’t even know who will survive the final season yet.  For now, we can only speculate, but Showtime isn’t ruling out the possibility that at least one of these characters will continue on.

4. Anything can happen.

The end is only a few episodes away, but it’s safe to say that anything can still happen. At the end of episode 6, “A Little Reflection,” we finally see the return of Hannah McKay as she poisons Deb and Dexter. Obviously she didn’t kill them, as we see everyone in previous for next week, but why did she return, why did she poison them and how will this return impact the end of the series? Plus: What’s Dr. Vogel up to? Will Batista finally find out what happened to LaGuerta? And what will happen to our antihero Dexter? Even with so little time left, so much can still happen.

5. The code is always key.

What’s more important in Dexter’s life? His family or his code? Finally, Dexter and Deb are better than ever (surprisingly just episodes after Deb tried to kill them both). Dexter may have a new student in Zach Hamilton and he’s got a new guide in Dr. Vogel. In the end, will Dexter stick to his code or with his family and new ‘friends’? That struggle may very well lead to his downfall. We can only wait to see!


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