5Takeaways From The Bachelorette (The Finale)

It’s finally over. This season was really terrible. None of the guys were that interesting and Dez was just so boring. I think the show needs to go through some serious transformations in order to be relevant for years to come, but that being said, I still need to write about this finale. So here we go.

1. Brooks kind of destroyed everything.

Even though from the very beginning of the show I didn’t think Brooks would be able to win, he ended up the guy who Dez “really” loved. I think the audience began to question Brooks’s devotion though once Dez continually told Chris Harrison she loved Brooks, but Brooks wouldn’t really reciprocate. So when we see Brooks visit his family in Boise, Idaho (I thought he was from Salt Lake City) we really knew something was up.

He explains to her mother that he doesn’t think he’s actually in love with Dez and whether or not he should just end things. Of course his mother said she would be behind in whatever choice he made. We then see Brooks have the looooongest breakup ever in the history of relationships. If I were Brooks I would have used the George Costanza technique and break up with her like taking of a band aid, “RIGHT OFF.” But he doesn’t. The break up is awkward, drawn out and leads me totally uninterested in the last 45 minutes of Part One to the finale.

Brooks kind of ruins the rest of the show. It’s own down to two contestants, Drew and Chris. And there really isn’t much to the penultimate rose ceremony. Both of the guys receive roses.

2. Poor Drew.

I’ve really liked Drew for entire show. He has seemed really genuine and actually interested in Dez even though she may be one of the most boring people on the planet. So when they go ride horses down to the beach, I know something is wrong when Dez becomes emotional almost immediately. Wearing another stupid crop top and only about 20 minutes into the date, Dez explains that she’s really not that into Drew. She tells him, “I’m lucky to have you in my life, but I don’t know if see our futures together.”

This makes sense. Drew has seemed much more into Dez for the entire season. The attraction to Dez was much more physical in nature as Dez told Chris Harrison one episode that he was best kisser. Drew takes it pretty well and when Dez say’s “Sorry,” Drew has the perfect response, “You don’t have to be sorry for not loving me.” Right then and there Drew leaves the show, he’s crushed. He had really bared his soul to Dez. He told her about his abusive father and taking care of his mentally handicapped sister. All for nothing.

I think Drew would be a good choice for the next bachelor. He does seem a bit reserved and quiet, but Sean (the previous bachelor) was the same way also.

3. It’s going to be Chris?

So with all other options exhausted, it seems that Chris is the only option at the point. This is why this finale was so bad. If I were the producers of the show, I would have told Dez to keep both men on the show until the end so there would be some suspense. But after she kicks Drew off, it’s clear the winner is going to be Chris. Why even watch the rest of the show at this point. I know I didn’t. I just fast forwarded through most of the part.

These two might be made for each other though. Brooks never really seemed sure of himself, but Chris does. He’s geeky, sporty and likes adventure, just like Dez. Dez even enjoys his really terrible poetry.

Chris does care a lot though. He buys her a new journal so they can write crappy poetry, continually asks her to meet her parents and her creepy brother and according to Dez connects with her on a different level. I don’t know she truly feels, but Chris asks her to marry him and she say’s yes. Hooray for Dez! Hooray for Chris! Hooray that this show is finally over.

4. This show needs some retooling.

They need to start this show fresh. It’s in the 18th season and just as Dancing with the Stars, they need to start new.

5. Juan Pablo will be the next Bachelor!


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