The Five Things You Need To Know Today (August 1)

1. Robert Mugabe “Wins” Election- Even though yesterday Morgan Tsvangirai believed to have locked down the Zimbabwe election, Robert Mugabe is claiming a victory. Tsvangirai claims massive vote rigging.

2. Ariel Castro Sentencing Set For Today- Ariel Castro, the admitted kidnapper of three Cleveland women is set for sentencing today. Castro pleaded to more than 900 charges including aggravated murder, rape and kidnapping.

3. Snowden Leaves Airport- Edward Snowden an alleged NSA leaker has left the Moscow airport his lawyer told BBC News. Snowden has been granted a one year asylum in Russia and has been in the airport since June.

4. Facebook To Start TV Ads- Facebook will begin selling TV-style commercials. The commercials will start at $2.5 million and the spots will run 15 seconds.

5. A-Rod Facing Lifetime Ban- Due to his part in participating in Biogenesis PED program, Alex Rodriguez is facing a lifetime ban from Major League Baseball (MLB). The commissioner alleges Rodriguez violated the “integrity of the game.”

Song of the Day: Sublime- Summertime

Happy Birthday: Chuck D, turns 53 5oday!

RIP: Calamity Jane, died 110 years ago today.


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