The Five Things You Need To Know Today (July 31)

1. Manning Found Not Guilty Aiding the Enemy- A military judge acquitted WikiLeaks helper Bradley Manning of “aiding the enemy.” Manning was convicted of six counts related to the Espionage Act of 1917. Manning could face 136 years in prison.

2. Tsvangirai Confident Of Victory- Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is confident that he will defeat Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe. Mugabe is running for his seventh term, but polls indicate that Tsvangirai will win.

3. Microsoft’s Surface Selling Terribly- Microsoft thought they had a formidable opponent to Apple’s iPad when they introduced their Surface in December. Combining, the Surface RT and the Surface Pro sold for $853 million this year. To put that number is perspective, Apple could have sold their iPads (which sold 57 million this year) for $15 and matched that figure. 

4. RIP Benjamin Schectman- Benjamin “Ossie” Schectman, died yesterday at the age of 94. As a member of the New York Knicks in 1946, Schectman made the first ever basket in NBA history.

5. RIP Eileen Benjamin- Eileen Benjamin, who played Goldie Hawn’s commander in Private Benjamin, died yesterday at the age of 80. Benjamin suffered from bladder cancer.

Song of the Day: The Clash- I Fought The Law

Happy Birthday: J.K. Rowling, turns 48 today!

RIP: Gore Vidal, died 1 year ago today.



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