Five Things I Thought To Myself Today


1. Tipping

People who don’t tip their waiter’s at least 18% just shouldn’t go out to eat at restaurants that require a tip. I mean seriously, you’re sitting there like a mindless foodpit and this person is making 9 an hour just so they can eat food this week.  The least you can do is Tip your fucking waiter. Otherwise go to McDonalds or cook up some Spagehetti-O’s Bolognese, ya cheap bastaad.

2. Sameness

Ever feel like you’re going to the same bars, drinking the same drinks, playing the same songs, taking the same cab, back to same apartment, to lie down in the same bed, to have the same spins you had last week to just puke in the same spot next to the toilet bowl in your bathroom?  People need to get out more.  Quit just getting fucked up every weekend. It’s fun, sure but what did you actually do? Go on a bike trip, go fishing, hike a mountain trail, go camping, just get out of your weekend routine. Be physical. Be active. And invite your friends! You may find that you’re fulfilled by it.

3. Fact

Google has taken over the world. Fact.

4. Don’t Start

f you haven’t started skateboarding and your past your teenage years, just don’t. There’s probably a reason for that, and let’s be real, no adult can really afford to get hurt cause they decided at 28 to start their career as a longboarder.

5. Dark Waters

Dark Waters have a habit of teaching us new ways to swim. A lot of people become unsettled when they don’t know what exactly comes next. But that’s what this life is about! Embrace the Unknown as an opportunity for growth; DIVE IN.


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