The Five Things You Need To Know Today (July 30)

1. Captives Escape Pakistan Prison Attack- Almost 250 captives escaped one of Pakistan’s main prisons yesterday. A curfew has imposed in the northwest city of Pakistan, but many of the prisoners have already immersed themselves in the population.

2. Huge Explosion At Florida Gas Plant– At least seven employees were injured last night as a propane gas facility exploded. There are no fatalities reported.

3. F.B.I. Charges Men With Prostitution- A nationwide F.B.I. investigation concluded yesterday with 159 men charged with conducting a prostitution ring. More than 105 girls have been rescued due to the investigation.

4. Pot Found On Justin Bieber’s Bus- Border agents reportedly found marijuana while Justin Bieber’s tour passed from Detroit, Michigan to Windsor, Canada. Bieber was not on the bus when the drugs were found.

5. Real Housewives Stars Indicted- Teresa and Joe Guidice, stars of The Real Housewives of New Jersey were indicted yesterday of fraudulently obtaining loans. If convicted, the two could face years in prison.

Song of the Day: The Rascals- It’s A Beautiful  Morning

Happy Birthday: Christopher Nolan, turns 43 today!

RIP: Bill Walsh, died 6 years ago today.


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