The Five Things You Need To Know Today (July 29)

1. Israel and Palestine Officials Set To Meet- After Israeli President, Benjamin Netanyahu, released 104 Palestinian prisoners yesterday, the two sides are set to meet in Washington D.C.

2. Bus Plunges Off Highway In Italy- More than 35 passengers died  and 10 passengers injured yesterday when a bus plunged off a road in the Campania region of Southern Italy. The bus slammed into traffic at a traffic stop.

3. Saks Sells Itself To Hudson Bay- Sak’s agreed Sunday to sell itself to the Hudson Bay Company for $2.4 billion. Hudson Bay Company also owns Lord & Taylor.

4. RIP JJ Cale- Singer-songwriter JJ Cale died yesterday at the age of 74. Cale wrote the Eric Clapton’s classic songs Cocaine and After Midnight. He was known for his laid back singing style.

5. Apple Drops Bob Mansfied- Bob Mansfield, an Apple executive, who had retired than rejoined the company last year,  has been relegated to the “special projects” team.

Song of the Day: Sly and the Family Stone- Hot Fun in the Summertime

Happy Birthday: Ken Burns, turns 60 today!

RIP: “Momma” Cass Eliot, died 39 years ago today.


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