Five Songs On Carlos Danger’s Playlist

Note: This post was originally posted on I will be contributing a weekly post on
Monday from now on.

Anthony Weiner

Everyone needs playlists. And don’t you think Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner needed a playlist while suckering honeys over the interwebs? Of course he did. I can see it now. He has some private playlist on his Spotify account, lights some aromatic candles, closes the drapes and brings the tissues from his shelf to right next to the computer.

Below is a sampling of what I believe was on said playlist.

1. Soulja Boy- Kiss Me Thru The Phone

It does say “Kiss Me Thru The Phone,” but I think Danger was substituting another word in for “Kiss.”

2. Robin Thicke- Blurred Lines

Danger is a veteran in the “Blurred Lines” of politics and hey, he’s hip, he’s with it.

3. D’Angelo- Untitled (How Does It Feel)

Perhaps Danger borrowed a few tips from D’Angelo when framing up his own pictures.

4. Jay Z- Politics As Usual

How else could Weiner explain sexting again? “Politics as Usuaaaaaal.”

5. The Bloodhound Gang- The Bad Touch


He really is a hornball. And has terrible music taste.



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