The Five Things You Need To Know Today (July 25)

1. Trains Derails Kills Many In Spain- A express train derailed yesterday in northwestern Spain killing 77 and injuring more than 140. Experts believe the train was traveling to fast when taking on a curve.

2. Houses Passes Spending Bill- The House of Representatives passed a $598.3 billion defense bill and rejected a bill that would have spotlighted the NSA’s collection of American’s phone records.

3. Google Launches Chromecast- In addition to announcing their new tablet, Google announced a new tool called Chromecast, an HDMI port that allows users to stream media from smartphones, tablets and computers.

4. Jason Sudeikis Officially “SNL”- After some speculation, Jason Sudeikis will officially be leaving Saturday Night Live after an 8 year reign.

5. Royal Baby Named- Princess Kate and Prince William have named their new baby “George Louis Alexander.” George was the name of Queen Elizabeth’s father.

Song of the Day: Dire Straits- Money for Nothing

Happy Birthday: Thurston Moore, turns 55 today!

RIP: Randy Pausch, died 5 years ago today.


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