The Five Things You Need To Know Today (July 24)

1. Anthony Weiner Involved In Second “Sexting” Scandal- When Anthony Weiner stepped down from Congress in 2011, you would think he would’ve learned his lesson. Not so much. Yesterday details emerged that Weiner was involved in a second sexting scandal under the name “Carlos Danger.” Weiner admitted to these transgressions yesterday in a press conference and has asked people to give him a “second chance.” He is currently running for mayor of New York City.

2. Snowden “Allowed To Leave Airport“- Edward Snowden, the US citizen who released United States security secrets is allowed to leave the Moscow airport as of today. Snowden had been living in the Moscow airport since June 23 after flying their from Hong Kong.

3. Government Set To Indict SAC Capital- According to Forbes, the U.S. Attorney in Manhattan is about to indict SAC Capital for failure to supervise employees who were complicit in insider trading. SAC Capital is one of the leading hedge fund companies on Wall Street.

4. Google To Unveil New Tablet- Google is expected to unveil it’s newest Nexus tablet today in the ever-going tablet wars.

5. LACM Director Stepping Down- Jeffrey Deitch, director of the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum will be stepping down. During his stay, the museum almost collapsed into financial ruin. Allegedly, Deitch never got along with the museums board as well.

Song of the Day: Soulja Boy- Kiss Me Thru The Phone

Happy Birthday: Gus Van Sant, turns 61 today!

RIP: Peter Sellers, died 33 years ago today.


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